Available from S&D:

  • Full pressure treated wood guard rail systems.
  • Steel highway style guard rail, with pounded I-beam posts
  • Hybrid guard rail:
    • ​Steel rails on wood posts
    • Wood rails on steel posts
  • ​Expert guard rail installation in confined areas with our custom-built skid-steer mounted guard rail pounder.

Gate Automation

S&D Fence can handle all your gate automation needs including gate operators for both cantilever (slide) and swing gates.  We use the right operator for your specific application cutting cost while increasing reliability and satisfaction with your investment.  All gate operators are available with complete access control integration with features ranging from simple gate edge sensors and photo-eyes, to pass code keypads.

Important features include:

  • Professional custom built gates specifically designed to work with your operator system.
  • The highest quality machines in the industry, from companies like Liftmaster®.
  • Expert installation and setup of equipment, including all low-voltage wiring hook-ups and adjustment of operating features.
  • Complete explanation of operation to customer/staff.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Greatly increases security and access control of your property.
  • All gate operator installations meet UL code 325 for gate operators.

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing can bring that extra special touch to your commercial or industrial property.  Both Aluminum, and heavier duty steel products are available to suit your particular needs.  Here at S&D Fence we pride ourselves in beautiful, long-lasting ornamental fence installations.  We have decades of experience in this area ranging from fabricated wrought-iron to the latest powder-coated steel and aluminum products from industry leaders Jerith®, Regis® Aluminum, Ameristar® and others.

Chain link features:

  • High added value to your property.
  • Strong, secure looks.
  • A vast array of choices in both framework and fabric specifications
  • Greatly increases security of your property.
  • Strong post profiles set in concrete
  • Heavy-duty gate construction to meet any requirement
  • Available in traditional Galvanized or Color PVC coated.
  • The BEST value in commercial fencing.

Chain Link

​Commercial Chain link fence systems create a secure border for your facility in a cost and time effective manner.  The durable steel construction of chain link makes it ideal for heavy-duty industrial settings.  Contact S&D Fence today for a free estimate/consultation to develop a specification that will meet your needs.

Key features of the Plywall® system:

  • The ONLY ASTM E-90 tested treated wood noise barrier system on the market.
  • Capable of wind loads up to 60 PSF
  • Parallam PSL® Engineered treated posts.
  • Pre-fabricated panels allow faster installation.
  • Installation in any location or condition.
  • Better per-dollar performance than concrete or steel based systems.
  • Visit Hoover Treated Wood’s Website for even more information.

Guard Rail

Guard rail is an important element in new construction as well as an add-on to existing properties.  Guard rail made of both wood and steel helps to protect customers and other traffic from steep embankments, hills, etc.  It can also aid in protecting walls, buildings, or other assets from damage in parking lots or entry ways.  S&D Fence is fully equipped to service all of your commercial guard rail needs.


S&D Fence can custom build railings for both interior and exterior applications to your specs.  Call today for a quote.

  • Custom-fit solid wrought-iron rails
  • Steel tubing railings in round or rectangular profiles
  • Installation on any surface:
    • Earth
    • Concrete
    • Stone (granite, blue stone, limestone etc)
    • Walls
    • Floors
    • Mount on flanges or core-drilled

An S&D Fence Ornamental Installation will:

  • Provide unmatched stately appearance for your business, set your property apart.
  • Protect and beautify the boundaries of your property
  • Give years of maintenance free good looks.
  • Make that extra high-class impression that only an ornamental fence can provide.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Allow the equal or better asset protection than a standard chain link or wood fence
  • Adorn entrances with impressive “Estate” style gates.


Bollard installation will aid in protecting key areas of your structure or other items from vehicle damage.  Installing bollards at the corners of buildings which are located in traffic lanes will substantially reduce damage caused by accidents.  Locating Bollards in front of areas such as dumpster/container enclosures will also greatly reduce expenditures on repairs and damage to these items from hauling trucks and careless operators.  Painting with OSHA safety colors is available, as well as long-lasting maintenance free PVC bollard covers.

S&D Fence understands the unique needs of your business.  Commercial and Industrial fencing requires extensive product knowledge and expert examination of the clients requirements.  We have over 35 years of professional experience providing our customers with security solutions that not only perform beyond expectations, but look great, and last for decades.  We have a multitude of specialized equipment and experience that make us the premier contractor in New England when it comes to large-scale commercial installations.  Choose S&D fence for your next commercial fencing project, we can meet any specification and complete your job on time, and on budget.

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Sound Barriers

S&D Fence Co INC is the ONLY Fence contractor in New England to have installed the Hoover Treated Wood Plywall® sound barrier system®.  The versatile pressure treated all-wood sound barrier is available in any height up to 30’ and to meet virtually any required PSF specification.  This attractive product greatly improves on the visual impact of other types of barriers made with concrete and steel.  The warm look of wood helps accent your commercial property while meeting or exceeding the sound deadening performance required.  The Plywall® system is better looking, and more cost effective than other similar sound barriers.  Call us today for a quote on your system.

Bollard installation from S&D Fence:

  • Install through any surface, we have equipment to core-drill holes of any size up to 14” diameter in reinforced concrete.
  • All S&D Fence installed Bollards are made from High-Strength galvanized steel pipe.
  • Diameters from 3” and up.
  • Durable, Maintenance free PVC covers available as an alternative to painting.
  • Installation in :
    • ​Roadways
    • Parking lots
    • Sidewalks
    • Pedestrian areas
    • Warehouse/manufacturing facilities (protect from fork-truck damage)